Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Aucun incident majeur"

More incidents in France by, um, "youths"... albeit relatively minor.

Cause: Mohamed Benmouna, 21, of Firminy was picked up by the local police and brought in for questioning, accused of extortion. He decided to hang himself in his cell.

Effect: Five cars destroyed, one building damaged. Relatively minor compared to the norm, but this is business as usual, a more or less an every day occurrence.

Solution: Hire Chinese police & paramilitary elements to put down these little ethnic revolts, once and for all.

Thought: What we're seeing in France are essentially irregular paramilitary gangs held together by ethnic ties, operating in dozens of French cities. There was a time, perhaps not too long ago, when the very idea of this reality would have provoked disbelief. I hope my local Ladbrokes office will begin offering quotes for the French Civil War.

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